Sunday, March 15, 2009

Public Response in Reliance Tariff hike

The response that I will be submitting to Reliance is attached here and here

Go through it so that you may understand the issues we are dealing with. I am not a legal expert and the legal fraternity may excuse my attempt at this :)

Anyway, I have attempted to include all the issues that would affect Residential consumers.

The procedure is thus:

1. Fill in your name, postal address tel/mobile and email ID (before you take prints). Details need to be filled on Page 1, Page 2 and Page 19.

2. Before Thurs, March 19th, make sure one copy is delivered to
Mr. Ramesh Shenoy, Company Secretary
Reliance Infrastructure Limited
Reliance Energy Centre
Santa Cruz (E)
Mumbai 400055

You would need to show proof of service so make 2 copies and get one stamped / acknowledged by their office - or retain Fax/courier slip (in which case you may need to do it at least one day earlier). There is no email provided for Reliance - so that makes it a little more difficult for us! However, I tried sending it to

3. Make 6 copies of the submission (actually make 7, you will need one for yourself!) and attach the fax/courier/stamped page on all 6 copies and then send it before Thurs Mar 19th, to
The Secretary
Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission
13th Floor, Centre No. 1, World Trade Centre
Cuffe Parade
Mumbai 400005
Fax: 2216 3976

To see what really happens, come for the Public Hearing on Thurs Mar 26th at Rangsharda Natya Mandir, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W). The hearing starts at 11am.

Let's try and ensure we get justice done !

- Sandeep.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks a million for your hard work in making this blog and the files for tariff hike and the caluclation. It has made a big difference to know how our bills have increased and it will in the next few months.

Please keep the work going on I know not many will take their time off to see all this but guess One in a million like you do and that has made us all stand up, we all want to stand behind looking for someone to take the charge and not be in line of fire and the goons , politicians and the society in general.

I will remember this for life for i do have this inclination to change , but stand back fearing why should i take the triuble. Thank you please do update and I have been forwarding your blog/file to lot of my friends and Friends of Friends (FOF) all around me.

Hope that this can eventually lead to some fihgt back to see common people to have their rights and not be taken over by the rough Companies..

Just a small suggeetion if you could change the back ground color to light / or white as it is very difficult to read with white fonts on dark BG, it hurts the eyes and will help lot of the raders to spend much more time reading all the articles.