Saturday, March 27, 2010

India's T20 World Cup Team

India's Twenty20 world Cup probables list has been announced. Check this list:
  • MS Dhoni - Jharkhand
  • Virender Sehwag - Delhi
  • Gautam Gambhir - Delhi
  • Suresh Raina - UP (?)
  • Praveen Kumar - UP
  • Ashish Nehra - UP
  • Piyush Chawla - UP 
  • Harbhajan Singh - Punjab
  • Yuvraj Singh - Chandigarh
  • Yusf Pathan -Gujarat
  • Ravindra Jadeja - Gujarat
  • Zaheer Khan - Maharashtra
  • Rohit Sharma - Maharashtra
  • R Vinay Kumar - Karnataka
  • Dinesh Karthik - Tamil Nadu
Has anyone noticed how there are so many players from North India?
I don't want to take away any credit from those selected, even though some of them are 'injured' and their inclusion is really questionable. Not that I'm bigoted or racist, but I recall there used to be a time when players from West Zone and South Zone were almost dominating the India cricket scene.

If the logic for selection is recent performance, it can be inferred that teams from the North should have won all the Domestic cricket events - but is that so?

Check the winners of the past 12 months...
West Zone beat East Zone in Deodhar Trophy
TN beat Bengal in Ranji Trophy Final
Rest of India beat Mumbai in Irani Cup

But I guess these Selector chaps know more about cricket than I do - so I should just shut up and do my own thing, eh?

BTW, I've decided to make my posts shorter, so I can do this more often :)

Well ... and that's how I feel ... 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hindi Proverbs and their English Equivalents

This effort is a result of a discussion, my family had on the breakfast table. My daughter kept swinging her leg, which kept banging into mine and then I turned around and said .. "Sau sonaar ki, ek lohaar ki."

This started off a discussion of what it meant and whether there was an equivalent of this, in English. Which led me into a hunt for more English equivalents of Hindi Proverbs. I've taken the liberty of spelling out all Hindi words in English. I hope you get it right the first time .. or at least, the second!

Disclaimer: I'm no expert on either Hindi or English, so if you notice errors, please go right ahead and point them out!

I searched the Internet to find lists of Hindi proverbs and English proverbs and then sat down and tried to correlate them. The following list is what I came up with. As I said, I'm no expert - but I'm happy with the effort. Hope you enjoy reading this.
  • Khatte angoor - Sour grapes (also, literally)
  • Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad - Casting pearls before swine 
  • Dal mein kaala - More to it than meets the eye 
  • Naach na jaane, aagan tedha – A poor worker blames his tools
  • Jale par namak chidakna - Rubbing salt on one’s wound (almost, literal)  
  • Door ke dhol suhavane lagte hain – The grass seems greener on the other side  
  • Aage kuan peeche khaee – Between the devil and the deep sea  
  • Garajne wale badal baraste nahin hain – Barking dogs seldom bite  
  • Jitnee lambi chadar ho utna hee pair failana chahiye – Cut your dress according to your cloth  
  • Ab pachatae kya jab chidiya chug gayi khet – No use crying over spilt milk  
  • Anth bhala to sab bhala – All’s well that ends well (almost, literal)  
  • Taali ek haath se nahin bajti – It takes two to quarrel  
  • Jahan chaah wahaan raha – Where there’s a will, there’s a way (almost, literal)  
  • Doodh ka jala chaas bhi phook-phook kar peeta hai – Once bitten twice shy  
  • Jaisa desh, vaisa bhes – In Rome do as the Romans do  
  • Ek myaan mein do talawaren nahi samaati – No man can serve two masters  
  • Khotta chana baje ghana - Empty vessels make more noise 
By the way, I never did find the equivalent of "Sau sonaar ki, ek lohaar ki"!!

Feedback? ...Bouquets? Brickbats? Well, bring 'em on :)