Friday, August 20, 2010

CWG 2010 - The Mess

There has been enough in the media, over the past few days, about the scams and the irregularities in the arrangements and preparations for the Games.

Relax. I am not going to enumerate any of those here, again. These are already being repeated, ad nauseam, in endless loops on select TV channels.

The point I would like to make is that this is not the first time that we have organised a major event. While I can understand that, as individuals, we are not consistent in learning from past experiences; it is shameful that as a NATION, we lack those skills!

The most important aspect of this situation is to DOCUMENT and LEARN from this entire experience.

These learnings must be made SHARED with the public, not from a perspective of sensationalising the scam, but from a perspective of ensuring that we have documented each mistake made, just so that we do not make it again.

Also, in order to ensure that we do not end up in such a situation again (or at least minimise such instances), we MUST PUNISH those who have found to have WILLFULLY committed such excesses.

Sending a strong message to all those who try to repeat this - that something like this will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

Well, and that's how I feel....

Monday, August 02, 2010

Simple Solutions for Kashmir

While everyone has a variety of reasons for the situation in Kashmir - and will swear by those. There are very few offering practical solutions.

I'm sure they DO know what are the possible options, but the prospect of implementing them seems daunting.

Well, like most others, I also have a 'solution' to easing the situation in the beautiful valley (I haven't been there yet!)

1. Get all the Politicians out of there - actually this is true for most 'troubled' areas :)

2. Get the Special Forces only to protect/guard the Border (ok, L.O.C.)

3. Equip the local Police with state-of-the-art Technology & Tools to protect the common people.

4. Promote industry - with a vengeance.

5. Set up Educational institutions - Primary to University.

Do this for 5 years and I can guarantee you this situation will 'dissolve'.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Non-English Number plates - allowed?

I'm sure the RTO act does not permit License Number plates in any other language, other than in English. I recall reading a newspaper article where an RTO official had mentioned that they 'could not find' any such violation.

Well, here's one!