Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interesting Sights – Part 2: Amsterdam

Here are some interesting sights I came across on my recent visit to Amsterdam.  Do let me know which one you liked the most! 


Some fashionable legs & some not so fashionable,
and the latter have buried their heads in the sand ..oops, floor!

"Service(d)" like an Ace!

It's at the 'other' side, you idiot! Can't you read the board?

Okay ...this one needs no comment!!

The Doctor "feels" good! Yeah, right! Shouldn't it be the Patients who feel good?

The Original, Dr. Fish is going to do something fishy...

Just doesn’t matter where..even if it is, to hell!

Hehe...and these are the kind of people we were hanging out with!

Quickie ....BOOM! Yeah, man. Explosive stuff!!

Me? Who, me? Yes, you! Couldn't be!...

These chips are fried in ... Manneken's what? Ugh!

Just a few moments, so you gotta gulp it down! 
And to think this is place where you are supposed to do "wine tasting"!

Yuck! We're gonna eat the Vanilla ice cream that's already IN his tummy!!

'World Famous' ... in Holland!

We're the SOCIETY shop, but we do PERSONAL tailoring..

SurPRICE! If you wait long enough you can "take it out in a special way..." Huh, what?

We are doing all 'telephone activities' - seriously, nothing phony!

Open 7 days a week, eh? 11-11. Then why is the shutter down? Shhh....!

Err...what's inside?

All ye who enter here are ...Sissy Boys!

Look at those people doing "small talk"...

Well, the count down is over ...

Enter the Jackpot and you can be a Top...!

They'll "polish" you off! No wait, these are Dutch!
WILD...WHAT??? An this is not even inside the infamous Red Light Area...!
Well, which ones did you like the most? 
Stay tuned for more such “Interesting Sights” from around the world.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Interesting Sights – Part 1: Beijing

I saw a few interesting ‘sights’ on my latest trip to China. I guess these qualify to go up on too!

Well, what do we have here…Beauty Hair Nails Massage and… Golf!

Didn’t know Dewar’s sold Scotch WHISK in China!

Hello! This, I presume, precedes the FOR(e)PLAY…!

Err…just what is it that people do on this street??

OK, THAT’S where we are .. above the Recycle Bin and before the Toilets!


Stay tuned for more such ‘Interesting Sights’…

I used MS WindowsLive Write to prepare this post and it was fun doing it. Just hope that it turns out right!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

NEWS: Users oppose RInfra surcharge

 I made a detailed presentation at MERC's Public Hearing at Rangsharda Hall, Bandra, Mumbai yesterday (2nd April, 2011).

The following news item appeared in today's HT.

Users oppose Rinfra surcharge
Dharmendra Jore, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, April 03, 2011 

City consumers have opposed Reliance Infrastructure’s demand that consumers who have moved to Tata Power Company (TPC) to avail of low-cost power pay the cross subsidy surcharge.

RInfra wants the surcharge to provide relief to its low-end consumers. The company has the highest number of domestic (below poverty line) consumers who are subsidised by high-end consumers. But, as one lakh high-end consumers have shifted to TPC, RInfra’s subsidy ratio has taken a big hit, which may result in low-end users paying more.

Consumer representatives, presenting their side at a hearing on Saturday on RInfra’s tariff revision petition, blamed RInfra for the crisis. They said consumers who shifted to Tata because of its low tariff should not be forced to pay more for RInfra’s fault.

“RInfra’s spiralling power purchase costs impacted suburban power bills. RInfra had not been prudent in securing long-term inexpensive power,” said MERC-authorised consumer representative Sandeep Ohri, at the hearing conducted by the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

Ohri said the company had not categorically shown how it would meet the requirement for its 28 lakh consumers from April, 1, 2011, because TPC has completely stopped supplying power.

The Mumbai airport complex that switched to TPC long ago, opposed the cross subsidy surcharge. “We have paid all charges to RInfra before migrating.” The airport is saving more than Rs 10 lakh per month by availing TPC power.

To this, RInfra representative said the company’s requirement had gone down because of the migration of one lakh consumers to TPC and hence it would not hike bills.

RInfra has not sought any hike for 2010-11. Tariff petitions for the current year are yet to be filed. But, the company demanded the cross subsidy surcharge.

Ohri, who made a detailed presentation, also questioned RInfra’s business model. “We have seen Rinfra doing all the wrong things.

Indiscriminate expenses, baseless growth rates, non-transparent functioning, inconsistent statements, unnecessary legal proceedings and a monopolistic attitude are to be blamed for the misery of consumers,” he said.

Some representatives spoke in favour of RInfra. They said the company should be allowed to recover cross subsidy surcharge to discharge its social obligation of providing cheap power to the poor.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Hollywood Brothers!

This post is a result of a Twitter post by Kamla (@Kamla) regarding the contribution of brothers in the progress of Hollywood. She had named a few sets of 'brothers' who had made their mark. I added a few and then curiosity got me into thinking whether we had covered them all - or were the a few more out there.

So I did some 'research' ... Ok, I 'googled' a lot ...and came up with many articles and news items, but none that had listed ALL of them. After knocking off the duplicate entries, here's a list that emerged.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list, by any stretch of imagination.

These are in no particular order of importance, familiarity or (personal) preference. Also, a few of them have played important roles - but, off screen. Do feel free to comment and add a few more.

The Wilson Brothers: Luke, Owen & Andrew
The Affleck Brothers: Ben & Casey
The Stallone Brothers: Sylvester & Frank
The Coen Brothers: Joel & Ethan
The Wahlberg Brothers: Donnie & Mark
The Wachowski Brothers: Larry & Andy
The Baldwin Brothers: Alec, Daniel, Billy & Stephen
The Marx Brothers: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo & Gummo
The Farrelly Brothers: Bobby & Peter
The Dillon Brothers: Matt & Kevin
The Fiennes Brothers: Ralph & Joseph
The Penn Brothers: Sean & Chris
The Quaid Brothers: Denis & Randy
The Bateman Brothers: Jason & Justin
The Culkin Brothers: Macaulay, Kieran & Rory
The Phoenix Brothers: River & Joaquin
The Barrymore Brothers: Lionel & John

These guys had a famous Hollywood actor-father too!
The Estevez Brothers: Charlie (Carlos) Sheen & Emilio
The Bridges Brothers: Jeff & Beau

I was tempted to include the Brother-Sister combos, but left that for another day. Maybe one if you could do that!

More from Kamla here:

Ok, Kamla, I kept my word :)

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