Sunday, August 01, 2010

Non-English Number plates - allowed?

I'm sure the RTO act does not permit License Number plates in any other language, other than in English. I recall reading a newspaper article where an RTO official had mentioned that they 'could not find' any such violation.

Well, here's one!


BK Chowla, said...

If the RTO takes any action, city must be prepared for a reaction from MNS

Anonymous said...

Many in Bangalore too do it even though it is illegal to have non-English boards. It is best govt mandates English plus the local language

Folks with non-English boards only can get into trouble when something happens to the vehicle and bystanders will not be able to read the board to the hospital/police/loved ones over the phone

BK Chowla, said...

Why would any one one cross swords with mns?

Mann said...

Dear Mr.Ohri,

Welcome to India ...All illegal is legal here because it's highly appreciated by government officials(the so called educated crowd of India "I'm Kidding :)").

Lets only concentrate on the topic you discussing here ..."The number plates" Travel to different states in India & you will find number plates from Marathi,Telgu,Punjabi,Hindi,Urdu ... & can't count the countless languages we have ... You will see it everywhere & they don't even know what is called the RTO act so we can't expect them to follow it... If you have the power & money in India you can buy anything from a car to driving license and you can also play with the traffic rules according to your need & comfort ... So that is my friend India ...
But as we always say I would like to put my pen down oops my finger off the keyboard saying ...
" सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तान हमारा ।
हम बुलबुले है इसकी ये गुलसिता हमारा ... "

Love & Peace


Vijay Srini said...

India is a country with more than 300 languages, and it is not possible for any person to read and write all languages.
However, for example even Jats and Biharis (if not all, some of them) can read an English number plate atleast, although they may not know to speak even a single word.
Having number plates in other languages than English could lead to cases like Hit-and-run, Goondaism (like chain snatching and kidnapping) and the criminal getting away because their vehicle numbers cannot be identified?

If someone is very patriotic about the language, let them write books and articles, which people can read at leisure. Let them read only Hindi/Kannada/Tamil books/newspapers if they dont understand English. But not critical things like number plates. Please !!!

Anonymous said...

hindi is our mother language
so why we can't writtent no plane in hindi language