Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Our weapon is stronger, but ...

The past few days have seen a backlash against the authorities - their failings, their shortcomings, their opportunistic methods, their limitations, their greed ....

We seldom realize that all of this is OUR fault!!

One of the strongest weapons we have - is our VOTE - and we sadly use that the least! It is rightly said, 'We get the Government we deserve!" Again, sad .. but true.

When election time comes around - how many of us really go and vote? Those who do - get the rulers they want - who in turn protect the interests of the voters who voted them in. In turn, the rulers extract their proverbial 'pound of flesh.' It's really that simple - ironic .. but true.

A living example is what happened in the BMC (MCGM) election in the Juhu constituency (in Mumbai city). Adolf D'Souza was elected as an Independent - no political affiliations, no caste affiliations, no family links, no mafia links (!) - nothing, but sheer hardwork and dedication to his credit. Just imagine if that were to happen across the city - do you think that we would have such apathy towards the common man? I don't think so!

Another issue is the Z-category of security being provided to these elected representatives. Z or Y ... I say WHY??

When the average Senator in the US moves around with NO gunman - why does the Indian Minister (or political head-honcho) need these gunmen? .... and why does the Government (meaning.. you and me) pay for this?

These guys walk around with heavy security and never feel the lack of security felt by the common man on the street!

I say we remove all categories of security for all Ministers, etc. (barring just the President and the PM, if at all) and deploy those resources into protecting the common man. I believe we WILL see the difference!

Somehow, if this is done, these guys WILL find the wherewithal to tighten security across the country, terrorist incidents WILL come down, we WILL suddenly discover the much needed political will to do what is necessary.

Or so I believe .. and it can all start with our VOTE.

It's high time we take OURSELVES seriously - and first fulfill OUR responsibility, before pointing a finger at those opportunists.

Let's get our act together - let's ensure we all have ourselves registered to Vote - just as eagerly as we sign up for a Group on Facebook or Hi5 - and I believe we WILL see the change beginning to happen...

Our weapon IS stronger than theirs .. if only we would use it collectively...

Well ... and that's how I feel ...

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