Friday, November 28, 2008

The Terrorists did not differentiate...

The tragedy that has struck the lives of the Mumbaikars (is this the official word now?) is saddening, to say the least.

It may seen as attacks on the 'uber rich' section of the city .. but if you check the victim/injured list .. it seems to consist of ordinary citizens!

This brings me to the issue of security of 'Mumbaikars.'

The terrorists did not separate out the Marathi Manoos from the North Indians - did they? They shot at everyone around - and many Maharashtrians were amongst those killed / injured.

Yet where were the so-called (self-appointed) protectors of the Marathi Manoos ?? .. these 'brave' Shiv Sainiks and the (even braver?) MNS guys - who took to the streets and beat up innocent shopkeepers and North Indians .. WHERE WERE THEY?? .... HIDING BEHIND THE NAV-WARIS??

Unlike the bomb-blasts - where the terrorists just planted them, blew it up and scooted - this time around - they were still there. Yet no signs of any comment, statement, or even (false?) bravado from these opportunistic groups - who take to the streets only for their own political mileage. SHAME ON THEM.

They did not even come forward to volunteer in the rescue ops. SHAME ON THEM.

When Raj Thackeray's arrest was announced and even subsequently - they showed their full 'strength' by taking to the streets and downing shutters and threatening the govt of 'consequences' (Ha - fat lot of strength they have). SHAME ON THEM.

The key lies in educating the poor - making sure they are not taken advantage of by ANY political group - so that th next time anyone calls for a 'bandh' .. they should 'bandh karo' (slam) their doors on the faces of these Self-serving, opportunistic, politicians. SHAME ON THEM.

The next they call for a 'rasta roko' ... people should throw them on to the streets. SHAME ON THEM.

I'm hurt, angry, sad, upset, shaken and yet so disgusted with the whole scenario - and have not cared a damn for being 'politically correct' in this.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!

You have tossed up the view point which no one (not a single TV channel - english or vernacular)seemed to bothher to bring up. They were too engrossed in scoring TRPs by B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G N-E-W-S (EACH CHANNEL EXCLUSIVELY) non stop for 48 hours. The reporters/anchors didn't seem to tire of cliches.

The so called 'Protectors' knew (A) They can't catch the "Terrorist" because he was not driving a taxi or a three wheeler nor was he travelling in train nor sitting in exam hall. The terrorist is not a poor 'outsider' (sic), but gun wielding killer who will not get beaten up; but will just shoot rather than talk. (B) There is no mileage-exclusive or otherwise. (C)There is no quick/instant conversion into votes.

Its good that you brought up the issue. I am sure there are many more silent majority who would agree with you.

RSV Ramana