Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cheeni Kum - Movie Jyada !

Saw Cheeni Kum last night (theatre, of course!) with my family.

Hat's off Mr. Balkrishnan! Incidentally, he's the creative director at Lowe..

Great movie, brilliantly written characters (wonderfully played by Amitabh, Tabu, Paresh Rawal and Zohra Sehgal .... and the little girl).

What I really liked about the movie (apart from zero songs) is that it is a love-story about two mature individuals sans all the pretensions of a hindi-movie typecast love struck romantic.

It is not just "infatuation" - but the "coming of age" of Amitabh as a man-in-love (when he says .. main ab jawan ho gaya hoon .. to Paresh Rawal) .

Tabu's role is underplayed .. she seems to have great depth .. and her tongue-in-cheek humour was done very well...

There were many high-points .. the "colgate" guy .. the british waiter's pronounciation trouble .. Zohra Sehgal's obsession with gym/hunks .. Paresh Rawal's cricket/Gandhi mania ...

Overall, it was a wonderfully enjoyable evening - I was a little apprehensive about seeing the movie with my kids .. but was surprised at the way they understood and enjoyed the film .. a mark of a great story-teller .. to tell the story in such a way that needs no further interpretation.

"Paisa vasool" .. to sound cliched !

PS. If I had to name just one part that I would've liked to change .. it would be Amitabh crying bitterly saying "I want sexxxyyy.." .. somehow I felt it didn't go well with the character... just for the use of the word "sexy" ..and what it connotes (spelling?) nowadays .. that's all .. for no other reason ..

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