Sunday, April 15, 2007

REL needs Power for its Metro Rail - that's the REAL Shortage !

I guess after reading this headline you've figured out why there is a "shortage" !!

Consider this...
1. Tata generates 1777 MW
2. REL generates 500 MW.
3. REL/BEST get nearly all of their energy requirement from Tata/REL genration only. Total is 2,277 MW (1777 + 500).
4. Vitaran is supposedly supplying 150 MW to Mulund/Bhandup/etc.
5. Hence, Mumbai's total demand-supply is 2,427 MW (2277 + 150).
6. Last summer (April-June 2006) there was no "load shedding" in REL/BEST area.
7. REL serves 25 Lakh consumers in Mumbai.
8. BEST serves 10 Lakh consumers in Mumbai.
9. Tata serves 24,000 consumers in Mumbai.

Now, consider this also...
1. REL projects a 5% increase in energy consumption (in its own MYT petition).
2. BEST projects a less than 5% increase in energy consumption (in its own MYT petition).
3. MERC/REL says Mumbai's requirement has gone to 2,700 MW, an increase of 273 MW, or 11% !

Sounds illogical, right?

If the 2 major suppliers to the city are saying that their energy consumption is going up only 5%, then how come the GAP has grown to 11%??

Assuming that 5% (120 MW) is the normal growth year-on-year, where is the need for the extra 153 MW coming from??

No points for guessing...

This GAP is requirement of REL for constructing and operating its own Metro Rail project.

REL's Metro Rail gets under way this year, partial completion estimated in 2-3 years (i.e. near about 2009-2010).

We were right, since REL is NOT separating its accounts, we cannot figure out what's going on!!

Incidentally, REL's own MYT Petition (upto March 31, 2010) does not show any income from electricity charges receivable from Metro Rail project.

So they're going to be using electricity that YOU and I and the rest of Mumbai city will be paying for through our hard-earned money !!

That's the REAL shortage ... think about it ...anyone has another explanation ??

Well ... and that's how I feel ...

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