Friday, March 11, 2011

Hollywood Brothers!

This post is a result of a Twitter post by Kamla (@Kamla) regarding the contribution of brothers in the progress of Hollywood. She had named a few sets of 'brothers' who had made their mark. I added a few and then curiosity got me into thinking whether we had covered them all - or were the a few more out there.

So I did some 'research' ... Ok, I 'googled' a lot ...and came up with many articles and news items, but none that had listed ALL of them. After knocking off the duplicate entries, here's a list that emerged.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list, by any stretch of imagination.

These are in no particular order of importance, familiarity or (personal) preference. Also, a few of them have played important roles - but, off screen. Do feel free to comment and add a few more.

The Wilson Brothers: Luke, Owen & Andrew
The Affleck Brothers: Ben & Casey
The Stallone Brothers: Sylvester & Frank
The Coen Brothers: Joel & Ethan
The Wahlberg Brothers: Donnie & Mark
The Wachowski Brothers: Larry & Andy
The Baldwin Brothers: Alec, Daniel, Billy & Stephen
The Marx Brothers: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo & Gummo
The Farrelly Brothers: Bobby & Peter
The Dillon Brothers: Matt & Kevin
The Fiennes Brothers: Ralph & Joseph
The Penn Brothers: Sean & Chris
The Quaid Brothers: Denis & Randy
The Bateman Brothers: Jason & Justin
The Culkin Brothers: Macaulay, Kieran & Rory
The Phoenix Brothers: River & Joaquin
The Barrymore Brothers: Lionel & John

These guys had a famous Hollywood actor-father too!
The Estevez Brothers: Charlie (Carlos) Sheen & Emilio
The Bridges Brothers: Jeff & Beau

I was tempted to include the Brother-Sister combos, but left that for another day. Maybe one if you could do that!

More from Kamla here:

Ok, Kamla, I kept my word :)

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