Monday, August 02, 2010

Simple Solutions for Kashmir

While everyone has a variety of reasons for the situation in Kashmir - and will swear by those. There are very few offering practical solutions.

I'm sure they DO know what are the possible options, but the prospect of implementing them seems daunting.

Well, like most others, I also have a 'solution' to easing the situation in the beautiful valley (I haven't been there yet!)

1. Get all the Politicians out of there - actually this is true for most 'troubled' areas :)

2. Get the Special Forces only to protect/guard the Border (ok, L.O.C.)

3. Equip the local Police with state-of-the-art Technology & Tools to protect the common people.

4. Promote industry - with a vengeance.

5. Set up Educational institutions - Primary to University.

Do this for 5 years and I can guarantee you this situation will 'dissolve'.



Anonymous said...

all good ideas- hope they are implemented. even in other states which have no 'historical baggage' we have not managed to do these 5 items. what abt return of pandits? and geelani?

Mehul R pandya said...

SNO this seems to be a good suggestion coz as far as our so called politicians are concern at times they also wash their hands in such things. I would also like to add in terms of promoting industry , that central govt also needs to promote tourism in Kashmir with utmost protection, need to have more commercials playing & promotion campaigns. The common man over there needs to have faith in the people who will protect them & also play a role in helping them as and when required . Education is a must coz this will help them to wake the young minds who get distracted by wrong people.

This what i feel.

Satyam said...

Sir, a honest 'view' amongst others from me.

the 3rd point, Equipping the local police with high tech tools would have loop holes for police has a role to disturb peace n its not clean, involved with terrorism.

The rest I'd agree, besides you would like to say that article 370 should be modified so as that non kashmiris get more freedom there.


JUNNED said...

you are very right sir, even I and everyone will agree with your kind of solution... except the politician...
In kasmir there is not a proper education system or infra.... or proper way of islamic studies, its seems tht if every thg is worst thn thy will tk advantg of ths people and thts wht going on thr.... Am i right sir....

Mann said...

Hi Mr Ohri,

It gives me immense pleasure to read your blog & know that atleast you think about India and want to be part of the difference.

Great points,completely agree with them but I fear the hatred which is cultivated in the people's heart for years & years now ... will they forget the people they have lost,the family members,the restless days & nights ...I have friends from Kashmir and they really have different opinion about the central government & India,they dont feel attached to us.When I read their view I fear nothing gonna work because we(call it the government failure or lack of leadership )have really ignored the most important issue of India.
However on the positive note I feel government should really take action & ponder over the points you have made ... but it cannot be delayed any further if we really want our people to live a normal life.

Love & Peace