Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Fed up with Reliance's BIJLEE Tariff?? Just "DO-THE-SWITCH" from Reliance Infra (or REL, whatever!) to Tata Power.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Tata CAN supply electricity to anyone in Mumbai, even a single individual!

When you switch between mobile (or land line) phone service providers e.g. from MTNL to Airtel or Vodafone - you don't care how many cables they have laid or how many towers they have - so why should you care whether Tata has the necessary infrastructure in your area.

It is your RIGHT ... and their DUTY.

You may want to inform your contacts about this as well - go ahead and forward this info to whoever would like to DO-THE-SWITCH.

Tata's standard application form is available on their website, or you can apply ONLINE here:
call 1800-22-7575 (TOLL FREE) or 6668 8354/55/59/60

At the new Tariff rates today, for 100 units:
A Tata Consumer will pay Rs. 205
A BEST Consumer will pay Rs. 261
A RInfra Consumer will pay Rs. 391

...and for 300 units:
A Tata Consumer will pay Rs. 885
A BEST Consumer will pay Rs. 1,165
A RInfra Consumer will pay Rs. 1,712

RInfra's rate is approx 90% higher than Tata and approx 50% higher than BEST!

Also, see how much your RInfra bill has gone up over the years.

For 100 units, in R-Infra area:
In Sep 2006, you paid Rs. 205
In Jun 2008, you paid Rs. 290
Now we will pay, Rs. 391

UP 90% in 3 years and 35% in 1 year!!

You can decide for yourself, if you want to continue paying such rates to Reliance - or DO-THE-SWITCH to Tata.

Let's be practical here - taking out morchas to Reliance's office will NOT help. They will simply pass the onus on to MERC, who is responsible for approving these rates. We must hold MERC accountable, R-Infra is after all a private company out to make profits, so why should they not take advantage of the system.

"Awareness precedes choice", and when you are at the Choice Point you WILL make a choice - even between action and inaction.

Inform as many people in Mumbai, so that everyone knows that they can also .....DO-THE-SWITCH!

If you are having trouble, just send me an email. We will help you. Many Citizen's groups and NGOs are helping consumers to DO-THE-SWITCH.

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