Sunday, September 07, 2008

Teacher's Day - A Realization

It's Teacher's Day today .. and a time to remember the ones who taught you.

That's the least one can do .. respect the one's who taught you how to handle this funny thing called life. Yes, my definition of 'teacher' transcends the obvious school/college teacher.

I believe that one can have 'teachers' at different stages of one's life - I know I've had many ... and who knows how many more to come!

Though in School, I was fortunate to have some really good teachers - but there were a few who had a lasting impression on me, some of them immediately, and some much later - whose real worth I have begun to realize only now, when I see my wife teach my kids...

Mind you, these are not the ones who were the best teachers for me, academically - in fact some of them never taught me a single subject ! Its just that they left a lasting impression on me - some for academics, some for other reasons.

I thank my Teachers, named below in no particular order:
Mrs. Lulu Fernandes
Mr. Rudy Fernandes
Mr. Rasik Shah
Mrs. Yvonne Pinto (nee Fernandes)
Mrs. Cleta Vallace (nee Correa)
Mrs. Lata Munjal
Mr. Ambani (not to be confused with any of the Reliance family!)

Teachers, here's a big thanks for everything, especially for teaching me lessons to equip me to deal with life - and I am continuously striving to do my best in whatever I do. Hope I have done some justice to your efforts.

I'm aware that naming a few, may 'upset' the others, but, hey, I've never always been 'politically correct' - and believe in standing up and speaking my mind.

There have been other teachers who were really good at their work - but somehow, when I look back, I find that my memories keep gravitating towards these.

Out of the education system, I have had many other teachers - my mother (in the ways of life), my father (in the ways of work), another close friend of mine, my wife, my kids, my watchman, my sweeper, my blog-commentors ... yeah, sure I learn from them everyday ..

And by the way .. sorry Teachers, but I know that there's no word like 'commentors' - at least not yet :)

Keep learning, and keep growing ... and here's to all my teachers - a big THANK YOU!

Well, and that's how I feel ...

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Anonymous said...

hello Sir,
It is grt to write,as i m not capable to comment or write anything...

But i want to thank you for being a good & best teacher for me.
I have learnt many things from you.

Its very appreciating that you consider everybody as a teacher in your life.

Once again thank you so much.....:)