Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Does REL have something to hide ??

By now, you all know that Reliance Energy does quite a few businesses:
~ Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution
~ Electricity Trading
~ Mumbai Metro Rail
~ Reliance Bluemagic D-T-H
~ Highway Construction

You also know how they are not allowed to do any non-electricity business without permission.

You also know that REL does not have the License for Mumbai area.

And you also know how they are flouting all these rules, just because we consumers do not have any alternative.

Anyway, strangely, Metro Rail, DTH and Highway Construction do not find any mention on REL's website (www.rel.co.in) either in the "About us" or in the "Company Profile" or in the "Group companies" .. or anywhere else ...

Does REL want to HIDE these facts ????

Another thing ... while the Mumbai electricity business is being done under the name of "Reliance Energy", the New Delhi electricity business is in the name of "BSES" ...!!!!!!

The REL website of the Delhi business is named www.bsesdelhi.com !!

And the two subsidiaries are called "BSES Rajdhani Power Limited' and "BSES Yamuna Power Limited."

Ha ! .. A Mumbai company changes its name in Mumbai ... but retains the "Bombay" part when doing business in New Delhi !

Oh, and there's more .. REL has gone the extra mile and has displayed prominently the electricity License of these two companies, here ..

Open the pdf file of the License, check Point No. 5.2 (d) which says that a License cannot be sold transfered, assigned, etc ... without permission. (This is standard for all electricity Licenses).

Well, REL .. now how about displaying the Mumbai Suburban License as well .. or do you have something to hide ?????

We consumers do not have time for such shenanigans – let's sign in and end this monopoly, so we don’t have to play policeman all the time.

Please sign the online petition at
and lets remove this monopoly once and for all.

Well ... and that's how I feel ...

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francis said...

how can a private company have a monoply on a utility? the regulator should ensure that customers have the freedom of choice of an electricity provider, similar to phone services