Thursday, December 14, 2006

The "AEC" part ...

You & I are going to pay for the discounts given to TOI, L&T, M&M ...

Shocked ?? .. you would be ... Angry ?? .. you should be !!

You must have all heard of the “Additional Energy Charge” (AEC) of Rs. 350 crore that REL wants to charge its consumers, over a period of 6 months, (Oct 06 - Mar 07).

These were for the “incorrect discounts/rebates” that were given by BSES, to “certain categories” of consumers.

Initially, MERC had allowed this, as per their Oct 2006 Tariff Order - but the public outcry forced MERC to ask REL to defer implementation of this AEC and to spread it over 18 months.

Go ahead, check your bill, it says “AEC not included in this bill.”

Incidentally, REL has gone to the Appellate Tribunal to appeal AGAINST MERC, so that it can “recover” this sooner !

Now here’s the fun part (there always is, isn’t there ?) …

It seems these discounts/rebates, were not given to ALL consumers - they were given only to a few consumers – I’ll bet everyone is dying to know WHO were the beneficiaries of BSES’s largesse, well here’s the truth….

1) It seems that from 1992 to Feb 1998, BSES had been selling electricity to the “Western Grid” (areas out of Mumbai) for a lesser rate than their cost of production (at Dahanu). WHY ?? No one knows – in fact, as per terms of Licence to supply, I don’t think they were even supposed to supply electricity outside the Mumbai area.

2) Also, from Feb 1998 to Jun 2004, it seems discounts have been given to many industrial users like Times of India, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra, ICICI Bank, etc. – just to compete with Tata Power and to gain that additional business.

Consequently, BSES ran up a loss of Rs. 350 crores – which REL wants to recover from you and me and the rest of Mumbai’s unsuspecting, gullible, citizens !!

Sounds pretty unfair, doesn’t it ?? Give discounts to industrial houses - and then recover that from individual users …Ha ! ... "Robbing Paul to pay Peter" ... !!!

If you don't wake up ... very soon you (and I) WILL be paying REL for those discounts ...

Let’s put an END to this injustice …sign the online petition for Removal of Exclusivity in the Supply of Electricity to Mumbai.

Visit ...

No exclusivity …No injustice … na rahega baans, na bajegi baansuri !!

Well … and that’s how I feel …

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