Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Retro or Remixed and Rotten !

The music scene nowadays has exploded with a vengeance of its own. For those who are not from this blessed land, let me make this clear .. I'm talking about the music scene here in India (and Mumbai, in particular).

Just last night I heard the radio, as I was falling asleep .. and was rudely shaken up by a hindi film song, sung to the tune of "My Way."

Now this is a beautiful English song, sung by many ... popular versions rendered by Frank (Ol' Blue Eyes) Sinatra and Paul Anka ... also Engelbert (?).

It was ghastly, to say the least ! I was shocked .. and angry .. but then spent the rest of the night thinking that well, I guess, creativity gives you the right (?) to do as you please.

Plagarism .. or Inspiration ??? .... a very thin line lies between them ... the same thin line between genius and insanity ???

Well ... and that's how I feel ...

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MsMRC said...

Hi Again,

I've expressed some what similar sentiments in a blog called
"Ctrl C, Ctrl V" :)