Sunday, August 06, 2006

Accurate Mumbai Weather Forecast !

I have noticed that the weather reports that appear in our newspapers .. are invariably at least 24-36 hours LATE !!

After having poured and poured for 24-48 hours the reports will wake up and forecast another 24-48 hours of Heavy to Very Heavy rainfall ... and more often than not, those are just about the brightest days of the week !

Well .. okay .. I may be exaggerating just a bit !

When questioned on the inaccuracy, the main reason being cited is that ... the "poor" BMC .. the "poor" cash-strapped State Government and the "poor" Central Government cannot afford to have a Doppler Radar for Mumbai .. so that they can keep the country's Financial capital "afloat" !

.. and guess what .. now the latest in the line of excuses (oops, reasons) is that they have the funds .. but have not found the ideal location to install this Radar !!!

For crying out loud .. we have enough of the sea that is being reclaimed - some of it, even unauthorisedly .. so I'm sure the CRZ authorities can make a concession for something as critical as this !!!

So I decided to try and find out on my own .. about when will it rain and when it won't ... and I came across a site which had fairly accurate weather reporting for Mumbai city ... here it is for those of you who are also struggling ...

(Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this website !)

Meanwhile, the authorities (and maybe even the media) can refer to this website and publish, relatively more or less, accurate info !

Well ... and that's how I feel ...

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